last week I made a gold poem so today I made a red one. so I hope you enjoy it.

Red looks like a red ruby.

Red sounds like a sizzling firework.

Red smells like a hot juicy steak on a grill.

Red fells like a bold feeling inside.

Red taste like a great strawberry.

Red is the frosting on my cake.

Red is the under world.

Gold Poem

In my last post I told you that we were making color poems so here is mine.

gold is the color of a medle,

Gold is smells like victory,

Gold looks like a dime,

Gold makes me feel like a hero

Glod is gold

Blue Is Everywhere

Today at school we made a blue poem with are buddy’s in Canada. So what we did is we wrote poem on the  color blue it was really fun. Soon we will tweet it. Oh I forgot to you how we tweet it so we do is go on are twitter a count. Ones we did some called the daily tweet. So what the daily tweet is that we would use a new word everyday.

Mother day

Today at school we did a poem for are moms to was super cool so here is my poem

Mom is…

As cute as a kitten

as pretty as a sunset

as sweet as a candy bar

so there is my poem thanks.

my goals



Today at school we set  goals, so here are mine.

In baseball if I don’t get a double, then I will go to the batting cages more than I do.

Hope you can comment on my blog, and tell me your goals.




Hey guys! Football is gone and the NBA is here.  The Portland Trailblazer are doing really great this year.  I hope they go to the NBA finials!  There is still a lots of games to go.  I love basketball!  Go Trailblazer!



Blogging Challenge

Welcome to my blog. This is the blogging challenge.  I am so excited to be a part of this blogging challenge this year.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my blog.  Mrs.W will be giving us the blog challenges and other kids around the world will be infold too.  I hope you will comment on my blog and enjoy it!


The next stage in the salmon life cycle is the alevin.  Do you want to learn about it?  Alevin are about 1 inch long.  They have a tiny tail and fins when they hatch and have a yolk sac attached to their belly.  They live in a redd with rocks and woody debris because they need to hide from predators.  Do you know how alevin get their food?  Alevin get their food from the yolk sac.  The alevin grows quickly as it gets nutrients from its yolk sac.  Fish and birds are alevin predators, like trout and blue heron.  Different types of salmon have different looking alevin.  Alevin rock!





The first stage in the life cycle of salmon is egg.  The egg is about the size of a pea.  It is soft and an orangish-red color.  The eggs have two black dots that are the eyes.  The egg needs to be in cool, clean, water.  They are layed by the female in a redd.  A nest is also called a redd.  Trees along the stream provide shade to keep the water cool, and to help stop erosion.  The eggs are hidden in rocky gravel to protect them from predators.  Eggs contain an embryo.  There is a yolk sac attached to each embryo.  The yolk sac holds yolk, which is the embryo’s food.  Predators are birds like ducks and fish like trout.  Humans also eat salmon eggs.  Only three out of three thousand salmon eggs survive to be adults.  Salmon rock!

Salmon eggs

Salmon life Cycle

I am going to tell you about the salmon life cycle. It goes like this egg, alevin, fry,and parr, smolt, adult. Did you know that a salmon will do anything to lay eggs where they were born? There are six different kinds of salmon. Chum, Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Pink, and Steelhead.



Things I am thankful for

I am going to tell you about things I am thankful for.  I am thankful for the food and water my mom and dad give me.  I am also thankful for our family traditions. One of our family traditions is traveling for Thanksgiving.  For example, once we went to Canada and once we went to Sacramento, California.  We have been to Sunriver, Oregon a lot and we are going this year too.



The Flat Classroom Project

I am in special project called the Flat Classroom Project. There are a lot of different groups you can be in like school time or leisure time or clothing and housing or celebrations and language and I am in the leisure time. In the Flat Classroom we Skype other classrooms around the world and learn about where they live and what do.